Thursday, May 31, 2007

Riley Has A Lot Of Knowledge

I took Riley to her kindergarten to be assessed. They wanted to meet with each child and see how ready they are for school. Well, according to Mrs. W., Riley "has a lot of knowledge" and she is definately ready for school.

I'm so proud of her.


  1. So cute!! We are putting Philip through the same assesment.

  2. how cool....Affirmation you've done a good job. ;)

  3. She is really cute! I hope school goes great, best wishes.

  4. ASS-essment? Of course, we all KNEW she was a smart cookie-- what else wouldja' expect?

    Question for class discussion: what if she WASN'T ready for Kinder? What would happen THEN, I wonder? Send 'em home and tell mum & dad to work with 'em more?

    I wonder what "a lot of knowledge" meant to the teacher? Academic knowledge, like phonemic and print awareness? Or good social skills?? or both??

    I guess it don't mattah-- she's REA-DEEEEE!!!

  5. Uh, oh... under NCLB she's gonna be "peer tutoring" all the numbskulls-- the kids who sleep in a heap with 5 pitbulls and are chained up in the backyard and are fed with slingshots...

    Remember, public school caters to the C student-- don't let this one fall 'tween them crack(head)s!!

  6. Sweet! Judging from some of your other posts, she's ready for her first standup routine as well.

    Y'know, they let me enter kindergarten when I was 4. Supposedly I was some sort of blinding light of brilliance. I don't know what the hell happened. I blame the media. Obviously.

  7. You must feel so reassured, knowing that the person assessing your child's education has such a way with the English language.

  8. I'm sure Riley will be droppin' that knowledge on her sooner rather than later.

  9. Ohboy! She's so sweet!

    But I also wonder as B.O. asked, what if they decided she was some kind of dullard? They would make you keep her until next year?

    (I have to start learning these things about kids and kindygarden).

  10. She's damn cute. She'd look cute in one of my lil' Ho t-shirts, or is it too soon for that?

  11. down here in Dixie it ain't NEVER too early for ho' tee shirts!!

  12. Riley? In a ho' t-shirt? Over my dead body, or at least until she's old enough to drive.


    Good job, sweet pea! Riley, that is. Although Flannery, you're a sweet pea, too!

  13. Awe! That's so cute!

    Here in the village they assess the kids the first day of school and place them in their classes on the second day.

    Be proud, mommy!

    They grow up too quickly.

  14. Hey Flannery, I love the template change!

  15. Excellent template change. Riley helped you, right?

  16. My soon-to-be kindergartner can name all of the Godzilla monsters by sight. She's miles ahead of the other kids in her class as far as I'm concerned.

    (Your girls are freakin' adorable!)

  17. Phil: Thanks...and good luck to Philip.

    Genn6: It felt good to know, as far as we know, we aren't doing any permanent damage to our kids.

    Skylers Dad: Thanks!

    BO: Thankfully, I don't have to worry about that.

    10K: Sigh.

    Beckeye: I'll keep that in mind.

    Viki: Sometimes elementary school teachers have the most convoluted way of saying the simplest things.

    Deadspot: word.

    Tanya Espanya: The best advice I can give you as a parent is don't worry about stuff that didn't happen and take each problem/ challenge as it comes.

    Kristi: I'll get back to you when she's in 2nd grade. ;-)

    Dirty: Thanks!

    Elizabeth: Thanks!

    SD & TE: Thank you...Riley charged me fifty bucks an hour for the renovations.

    Chaylene: Awesome! and Thanks!

  18. Sounds like she "knows some stuff" too.