Monday, November 26, 2007

Jus' Killin' Time 'til Bedtime

It's 9:45. I presume Riley is asleep but my little night owl just outwitted me. She snookered her way out here on the couch. Sigh. I'm tired. I had a long boring day at work and a long, rainy boring drive home. I've been draggin' ass all day.

I get home and Doc's stands up long enough to say that he is crashing. A headache hit him, I guess. The girls and I had a nice evening. They had a bath. But damned if they won't settle down. I've removed all stimuli and gave grave warnings of their fate should the get out of bed.

Lucy moments ago, came out and said she didn't want to sleep in sister's room. I mistakenly said, "Go to bed...I don't care where."

Two beats passed and she decided to sleep here on the couch next to me. Crap. Outsmarted by a three-year-old. So far, though, the signs of pending sleep are here. She is sucking on her bottom lip and rubbing her ears. She's got dark circles. She's not talking. All good signs that I will soon be able to put her to bed, climb into my "spoil me" jammies, spoon in with Doc, and cross this Monday off my calendar.

Here's to a night of dreams that aren't about work and a hope for better biorhythms tomorrow.


  1. Please stop dreaming about me in leather.

  2. I suspect the girls are hiding an espresso machine in their room.

  3. I tried takin' a page from your book and putting a viddie on in th' bedroom and havin' the kids snuggle up and watch Winnie th' Pooh. Right-- they jumped on that bed like the proverbial 5 lil' monkeys and at one point Dharma landed right in my guts.

    Shows what YOU know...

  4. Mama said there'd be days like this: nothing's wrong, but something's wrong.

    Hang in there, sweet pea.