Saturday, December 01, 2007

Proud Moment In Parenting

The kids were playing with the manger set. They each wanted to play one of the characters. Christopher wanted to be God.

"Where is God?" Taylor asked, looking for a miniature representative among the manger action figures.

"Is this God?" asked Christopher, holding up one of the three kings.

"No," said Riley, "That's God's evil minion."


  1. tank gawd she didn't pick up the BLACK king!!

  2. I wonder if there's an action figure of the V.P. You could stand him up in th' background and when anyone asked what he's doin there, you could say it's G.E.M.

  3. Where is Bill Cosby with a video camera when you need him?

  4. When can we read Riley's blog? I think she's ready for one.

  5. brilliant....absolutely brilliant!!!!! I agree with Chris, riley's ready to blog