Friday, January 25, 2008

It's Friday...

What should I BeDazzle first?

  • The blinds in my bedroom
  • The shower curtain
  • The milk jug
  • The couch
  • My jeans
  • The trash can
  • My American Idol hat
  • My holster
  • My DVD storage books
  • The "good towels"
  • My apron
  • The cordless drill

What would you BeDazzle?


  1. My cat (the fluffy one). She'd totally be down for it. She's very glam.

  2. Every other individual piece of shag in the carpet!

  3. The toilet seat. You can really class up a bathroom that way.

  4. Motormouth: I almost said my cat, but I didn't want to enrange my pet-loving fan base. Actually, my cat was the first thing that popped into my head.

    HL: some interesting suggestions...

    Elizabeth: Good idea!

    SD: That's ambitious! How about every other blade of grass too?

    Freida Bee and CP: Good combination...

    Pezda: It would go so well with the Scooby Doo sticker theme I currently have going in my bathroom.

    EG: Brilliant!

  5. I'd bedazzle the cushions of the couch we're throwing away...that way the garbage truck doesn't pass it by.