Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Uphill Battles

Comic found at Toothpaste for Dinner
Isn't it wonderful?
You know you're going to have a long day in the Training & Support Business when your first task of the day is to explain what "quarterly" means.


  1. That is a wonderful cartoon! One of my favs is the pointy haired boss coming to Wally to tell him to get lost next week when the VP is in town. He picks up his paper and coffee and heads for the restroom. The boss tells him it's not until next week. Wally says it's never to soon to start a dream job.

  2. Lemme guess... Was the question from a member of management?

  3. i may not know nuthin' bout the infield fly rule, but I at least know about quarterly. Well, at the very least, it's only a day-long session, right? RIGHT??

    And TfD is a wonderful thing. Wonderful.