Thursday, January 08, 2009

I Love My Kids, But...

They're great. They're cute, cuddly, sweet, smart...but they are always in my personal space, and usually in a blind spot. Riley for example hovers just below my right elbow, so I don't see her until after I turn around clock her on the head accidentally. Lucy is more overt. She likes to sit on me, especially if I'm eating or doing something that requires concentration. I've gotten used to this and even rather like having them so close. I know this time is fleeting and soon they won't want anything to do with me, but that's hard to remember when they're waving an object 2 inches away from my eyes so that I may see it better.

But last night was the worst. I had put the girls to bed and snuggled up to watch some MASH with Doc. We settled in for a long winter's nap and all was well. Until sometime in the wee hours of the morning, I found myself with maybe 3/4 of a foot of real estate. Riley and Lucy both made their way into the middle of our bed. I propped myself up and assessed the situation frowsily. Hey, I thought, there's room at the foot of the bed! I was able to stretch out and have some space on either side of me down there. Satisfied, I fell back asleep.

...Only to be awaken by a thrust kick to my chest. Lucy had planted her feet and was continuing to apply pressure. I tried to scootch away only to discover my legs were pinned by Doc's feet. You'd think by now I would realize that having the children in our bed is a recipe for a bad night's sleep. I should have gotten up and moved to the couch or moved them to the couch. But no, I shifted again, this time I formed myself into a right angle so that my legs were along the foot board and my back along the edge. This did not work, as Lucy began to edge toward me and I was back to where I started: No room.

So, now I'm extra sleepy and drinking caffiene by the buckets, kicking myself as if I were Lucy asleep in my bed with me. But this is a testament to the way my brain works in the middle of the night, i.e. not at full capacity. Maybe I'll get a deadbolt for our door...


  1. My grandparents and parents dreaded when I had nightmares, I was a kicker, too.

  2. We would go get Skyler and bring him to bed with us often, because it was easier to roll him in between us instead of making the trip down the hall to do it.

    You are a great mom Flan!

  3. AT the time it never seems as sweet, but do save this post and when you look back will smile and think of it as one of the good times.

  4. Hmmm...I think an infared camera mounted in the corner of the bedroom would make for interesting video blogfodder...

    Where's the cat in all o' this, I wonders??

  5. Flannery- I am just now giving you my own best advice. When I was eighteen and my far younger brother (5 at the time) learned I was going away to college, he started getting in my twin bed with me every night. It was so sweet, and I slep fine. Only, when I would wake up, he would be sleeping on the floor. Solution? My mom had one. She put a crib mattress on the floor next to my bed and every morning he would be there sleeping where he fell.

    Mr. Bee and I only sleep in the same bed about half the time these days. Either I fall asleep with the kids during the bedtime book, which is so good right now that I read on when the kids are asleep at times, and other times, Mr. Bee is crashing before the kids, so I put them there to get them to sleep easily. It's all extremely cozy, but we have no sex life.