Monday, March 02, 2009

Where have I been?

Life is whizzing by, that's for sure. I'm busy at work. I'm busy at home. I really need to get myself organized. So I have more time to check in with you guys. Here are some of the highlights until I have more time (and I'm done playing Dress Shop Hop):

  • Doc and I had a date night this weekend
  • I locked him out of the house (accidentally) in the cold for 25 minutes last night
  • I've got a piece of glass lodged in my foot that I haven't had time to see to
  • I've had my windshield replaced
  • I've done my taxes and received the refund already
  • I've paid for the Lucy's school for the rest of the year (yippee!!!)

Things are tripping along merrily. I plan on posting an extra special post about the globe-trotting blog card that's currently in my possession.

I hope you are well's really been too long since we've had a chance to chat...


  1. Good for you. My Other Half & I haven't had a date night in weeks! Get that foot looked at.

  2. Take a picture of your foot for the traveling card!

  3. Cid: It's been a while for us too. I plan to get in the hot tub and let my foot soak. Then hopefully Doc can extract it. If that doesn't work, I'm off to the real doctor.

    SD: Eek! Maybe...

  4. Glass lodged in your foot?!? Yow...

  5. "Doc and I had a date night this weekend"

    I'm jealous of that...

    "I locked him out of the house (accidentally) in the cold for 25 minutes last night"

    The Missus will be jealous of that.

  6. Me too, waaaaaay busy. ;(

    Hang in there, sounds like you're on a great productive streak so far. If you keep it up until you completely drop, you'll realize you got everything done. ;)

  7. yeah, all of Feb was like that for me. Then March rolls around and I find out I've got diabetes. Sheesh!!

  8. All in all sounds like a pretty good life