Thursday, January 29, 2009

I've hit rock bottom.

There is snow piled up to my waist. I'm fighting off (successfully, I believe) a cold. Doc's sick. The house is in disarray. The kids have cabin fever and are behaving like they've been raised by wolves. We're short staffed at work. I'm out of clean underwear. My eyes just want to go shut. I feel like death on toast.

But I keep remembering: My vacation starts Saturday. Just get through today and tomorrow. That got me through the beginning of the week. But I don't know if I can squeeze the juice out of that good thought much longer.

Help me please. Why should I keep plowing forward and not just drop? Oh yeah...Groundhog's Day Party 2009. It will be a time of renewal. A time to flip the double bird to winter and say:

HA! You can freeze my buns off but you can't freeze my spirit! See! I'm in the hot tub! I'm in my bathing suit in the middle of winter! Watch me walk barefoot through the snow!

Another thing to look forward to: I will get to spend time with my wonderful sister-in-law and her super-awesome husband (more on him later...wait til I tell you about the chair he refinished for me). Thinking of them and my neices and nephews coming to visit just made everything somewhat better. After all, they are the kind of people who have this hanging on their fridge:

Yep. Never give up. That's my motto for the day. Either that or: Never stop choking the bird that's trying to eat you. Actually, I think I prefer the latter.


  1. that is a wonderful graphic! Take care of yourself, don't worry about letting a movie or game babysit the kids for you for awhile. You can't be a good mom if you drop where you stand.

  2. I love that cartoon!

    What can I send you?

    Hi Chris!

  3. Tanya: Do you have any extra mustard?

    SD: You're right, of course...thanks!

  4. after watching the whodunnit video on SkyDad's blog, I'm trying to be more observant. Hence, I shall ask this: am I the only person who noticed tha the hill in the background looks like someone's butt? And what does that MEAN, I wonder??

    Anyway, something's going through the human Collective Unconscious, I just know it-- I had to come home early today lest I just up and walk out and fucking quit. Combo of stomach pains, a total LACK of drinking the Kool-Aid they daily serve up and talking to more than 100 morons a day on the phone.

    You BET we need Groundhogs Day!! Whoo!!

  5. You can make it...if I can...remember...I've only got 9 fingers to work with!