Thursday, January 22, 2009

Family Night


Riley: What's the grumpiest sea creature? A crab!

Lucy: Why is the elephant standing on a marshmellow?

Us: Why?

Lucy: Because he's not going to fall in the hot chocolate!

Lucy: Riley! They laughed their pants off! Let's get aonther joke!

Riley: Here's one! Let's rehearse it...

Lucy: No!

Riley: We've gotta rehearse!

Lucy: No! Let me tell it...

Riley: What knight designed King Arthur's round table?

Us: What?

Riley: Sir-Cumference!

Lucy: It's like they laughed their pants off! Let's go get another one! First one to the computer gets to tell the joke!


  1. I actually laughed at "Sir Cumference". Your children have a future in comedy :)

  2. I agree with wordsX3, the last one was great!

    Why did the Orange stop?
    It ran out of juice.

  3. that elephant joke is even better than the one I was gonna tell:

    Why did the elephant paint his toenails red??

    so he could hide in the strawberry patch!!