Monday, January 12, 2009

I Had A Dream...

It was really awesome. I kept thinking throughout that I need to remember what happened here and there so that I could post about it when I woke up. That's often how I will remember my elaborate dreams: I tell myself in situ to remember this when I wake up or I'll tell someone in the dream about the dream that I had and that usually does the trick.

So I kept doing that all throughout the dream. "I'll have to remember this for my post..." It was all awesome. I knew it was up to your standards. I knew I'd have you gasping and spraying your monitors with Diet Coke.

But I forgot the dream. Every blasted morsel.

I blame the Cap'n. We'd spent the evening with him and Spooky, having a grand time drinking Asti and Mead (sequentially, not mixed together). He has this habit of remarking: "Blog-fodder!" or "That's blog-worthy!" whenever something interesting/amazing/out of the ordinary happens. So much so that I think he wore a path in my gray matter. I'm guessing nothing of note happened in that dream, but his insistance that all of life is blog-worthy invaded my psyche and caused me to see everything in such a light.

I was really psyched, too...It's not very often anymore that I find something new to share here with such zeal. Maybe that's it. I need to look at the little things and serve them up. Here's some to tide you over:

  • Doc brought out his sword collection (actual swords/sabres) to show to the Capn' and the girls were so frightened, they huddled behind me in the kitchen until the swords were well put away.
  • I was cooking and Doc and the girls were swarming me in the kitchen. I looked down on the counter to see an amazing brown spider with white accents. I motioned to Doc, who took time to admire it. "What do you see?" Lucy asked. "A really cool spider..." he began but was drowned out by the doppler squeals of our girls beating feet to get out of the room
  • Lucy is so enamoured with the sound track of Mamma Mia! that she now knows most of the words to most of the songs. It's strange to hear an almost 5-year old sing, "If you change your mind...honey I'm still free...take a chance on me..." The best thing is that she's also learning the dances and she's getting pretty good at it.
  • A note from Riley to Lucy:

    Dear Lucy,
    Put a qork in it.
  • Also, Riley creates agendas for play dates. First they were going to play with dolls, then create scrap books, then jump on the bed, then have a snack, then play with the moon sand, then it's time for you to go home.


  1. The sword collection? That's great. But I share your concern that your 5 yr old knows the lyrics to Mamma Mia...get her some Johnny Cash, quick!

  2. I think those bullet points are all awesome things to share with us!

    I love your term "the doppler squeals of our girls beating feet to get out of the room".

    When I was in the Navy hunting subs, doppler ruled out lives. Up doppler and down doppler meant a whole lot of difference in the "pucker factor" of you sphincter when searching for Soviet subs.

  3. An agenda for play dates? It's possible she's more organized than many grownups. Probably including me.