Friday, January 09, 2009

Retirment Day

Well, my good friends, Couch #2 is on it's way out to pasture. Having joined our family in the summer of 2004, it has served us well for nearly 5 years. It's extra long (just like Elvis') and with the 4-foot long ottoman, it could contain the entire family plus a cat, even to this day.

Alas, it's time for the old guard to step down and make room for the new. There's a large hole where the armest meets the base of the couch and it swallows very important items like keys, remotes, phones and the neighbor kids. There is a hole in the fabric on the armest that was barely noticable, until Lucy made it bigger with a pair of kids scissors.

It's hard, though, to part with it. I grieved as I stretched out on it last night, with the girls snuggled up to me. We bought this couch when Lucy was just born. It's wooly and light brown, so it doesn't show dirt. The cushions are vast and plentiful, perfect for fort building. It's shape is modern and clean looking. Just thinking about moving it out of here is breaking my heart. It's been so central to our lives.

But time marches on. And my parents want to give us their buttercream leather couch, chair and ottoman. It's solid and like new, no holes in this one. Also, the pillows across the back are sewn on, so they won't get flung around the house. And it's leather, so it's hopefully going to be a bit more durable and easy to clean. I'm lucky to inherit such a lovely set of furniture. But still...

The old couch holds so many memories and is so comfy I can't stand to part with it completely. The plan is to move it out into our garage, where our bar is and where the grown-ups hang out. I worry that a mouse might make it's home in there and make it completely unfit for human lounging.

In the long run, it's all for the best. But, damn. I'll miss the good naps and cozy spaciousness Couch #2 offers. So, thank you, old buddy, for cradling me and my babies, for giving my kids fort material and for offering such a cozy spot to snuggle with Doc. I'll never forget you.


  1. Not enough can be said about a great, comfortable couch. When Megan moved in she brought a winner with her - much better than the one I had.

  2. Our couch is not so comfy, and I have wanted another for quite some time. But we have other more pressing needs that take priority before another couch!

    Send your couch out in style. Put good wheels on it and enter one of those downhill races with it!

  3. I remember what a huge moment it was in our lives when our children got old enough, and we had gained enough control over our dogs, that we could get a new couch that has actually stayed nice for more than a year. Even then, the couch it replaced was sent off to the curb with warm wishes, to be snatched up before garbage pickup by a worthy child and dog-owning family, or an avid upholstery hobbyist.


  4. Some Guy - It's always good to trade up. I hate laying out money for furniture.

    SD: That sounds like a grand idea! Maybe for Groundhog's Day...

    Bubs: I think that "avid upholstery hobbyist" is going to be the name of my new rock band.

  5. It's a simple equation....

    Kids + couch = Kids > couch.

    Kids always win. The Kid had vanquished our Old Faithful by the time he was nine.

    P.S. Please send an email address to

    So I can send Doc his cup, thank you.

  6. I felt x-actly like that after saving my mom's 6' bloo leather couch from the ravages of an estate sale, dragging it through about 4 moves across 3 states where it eventually landed (and later came apart) in FLA. I remember well the day it was first hauled out to the trash and, later, the day that it vanished from the "bulky items" disposal.

    Mind, the couch stuck like hell to your skin, making that pulled-masking-tape sound when you lay down *sans* shirt, but dammit, it was a BIG couch, and it was hers.

    Ah well... Passing clouds, as Zen Master Hogie might say...

  7. Isn't this what garages are for?

    Dale insists that his neighbor just puts the couch in the front yard and uses it as outdoor furniture. I'm not sure that's an acceptable solution for you, but it's a thought.

    May the new couch fare even better than the old one.