Thursday, January 22, 2009

Did You Get The Number Of That Truck...

...that hit me last night? Kapow!

I was out like a light a 9:45. I was laying on the bed watching "Scooby Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf" with the kids and I was gone. Normally, after about 8:00, I catch my second wind and can be the night owl that I am. Usually it's the only time when I can actually be in the same room with Doc and hang out. I look forward to it, even if it does cause me to burn the candle at both ends.

Last night, though, I was gone with the wind. I think I'll blame it on our new heated mattress pad. As soon as I stretch out on it, it sucks the will to be conscious out of me, which is probably a good thing. I must have needed the rest. And Doc can live without hanging out with me for one night.

Still, since we are ships passing in the night, I hate to give up even one evening with him. Good news, though: He doesn't work tonight, so we can be a regular family and have dinner together, put the kids to bed at a decent hour, and squander the rest of the evening goofing off.


  1. Enjoy your cuddle time, Doc is a lucky guy!

  2. Yesterday was just plain OFF. Something wuz a-goin' thru the human Collective Unconscious, I think. I had a string of over 50 phone calls to old farts who had no idea what I was talking about and simply got mad at me. My boss came up at 7 PM (quittin' time) and asked me why my computer was on hold and I wasn't taking any calls-- "because it's 7 PM," says I. The fucker LOOKED AT HIS WATCH and said, "no, not really..."

    Neither Spooky's Pan Seared Porky-Chopps nor Doris Day & James Garner NOR Dustin Hoffman could pull me from my funk. It was B-A-A-D-D.

    BUT, today seems much better: yesterday must have been a Lousy Wednesday and today a Sweet Thursday to make up for it.