Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On The Bright Side, My Phone Smells Clothesline Fresh

It wasn't until after I cleaned out the couch and searched high and low, that it dawned on me that there was a load of jeans in the washer. I had a sneaking suspicion that I had left the phone in my jeans pocket and then did laundry without checking any pockets. Alas, my suspicions were confirmed.

So, I can't get a free upgrade until the end of March. And this was my back up phone; I have already destroyed one during my two-year commitmenet. What's a poor disconnected girl to do? I thought I'd try my luck on eBay. I'd received many suggestions (including hold the phone under the hair dryer), but eBay seemed to be the best. This newly laundered phone was my back up phone. I'm going to need to replace it anyway.

My Grandma offered me her phone, which I could borrow until I'm eligible for an upgrade, which I may do if I lose my bid. I'll keep you posted.

I didn't do this on purpose, despite the fact that I loath the phone I laundered. It's probably four years old. It doesn't have a camera. The ringtones are limited to the polyphonic. I crave the cutting edge. I'm trying to be frugal and not dive off the deep end and by the $200 Jungle Green Sony Walkman Phone I currently covet.

If all else fails, Grandma's phone is the smartest option. But I'm committed to a bid on a lesser phone. I'm certainly not getting my dream phone. Ugh! Being financially responsible sucks! But if it hurts this much, I must be doing the right thing.


  1. When I was a field engineer back in the pager days (insert old joke here) I had my pager slide off of my belt and into the toilet.

    Right on top of my "business" I just left there.

    I mentally ran through the pros and cons list of flushing versus retrieving, and since we got a free pager when we brought in a defective one, and got charged a hundred bucks for loosing ours, I steeled myself and went in for recovery.

  2. My cell phone was in my pocket this summer when I got dumped out of a canoe--I had forgotten to put it in my waterproof wallet. I took it apart, dried it off and set it in my car. When I got home a few hours later I took a hairdryer to it.

    It's still working fine.

  3. What did you use to call me last night? Did it dry out? Did you put your phone chip in Grandma Jean's phone?

  4. My Filipino coworkers who have dealt with electronics getting soaked in monsoons, gave me similar advice to Bubs's, though they say let the soaked electronic sit for a couple of days before taking the hair dryer to it like it was a 70's haircut.