Wednesday, January 21, 2009

GHDP2K9: Preparation Update

We are well on our way to our Groundhog's Day party; it's only 17 days away. Of course you've probably heard we're redecorating here and there. My parents gave us their couch, chair, ottoman, 32 inch TV and stand. As we were preparing to move the old couch out into the garage for extra party seating, Riley flipped out.

"I don't want Grandma and Pop's couches! I love this couch!"

On and off all morning she would dip back into weepy sadness over the couch and would try to negotiate ways to keep the old couch.

"Baby, this train has already left the station," I told her. "I'm sorry this isn't working the way you want it to; you're going to have to find something positive about it because crying isn't going to change this decision." Two Men and a Truck were already at my parent's house and would be at our place soon.

At one point, Lucy came up to me and said, "Mommy...I tried to cry about the couch, but I couldn't; I'm just too happy."

"That's the spirit, Lucy!" I said, trying not laugh. I was actually very proud of her in that moment. She tried to be an ally with Riley and feel her pain as it were, but she just couldn't intentionally dampen her own spirits. I think this bodes well for her future.

As for Riley's depression, she's over it. The next day the neighbor girl came over and the three of them discovered new ways to have fun on this beautiful leather sofa. It's slippery and you can sit on the back of it with your backs toward the seats lean back, slide down and flip over. Again and again and again. I haven't heard word one about that old couch since.


  1. Kids are wonderfully resilient, aren't they?

  2. This is reflective of their different personalities. Riley likes stabilty. I think she's a real believer in the tried and true, whereas Lucy's all "Something new? Bring it on!" I think as they age their different perspectives will really benefit each other.

    That's a great story and you handled Riley's disappointment perfectly.

  3. you know, I've been asked by Spooky NOT to point out that the day of the par-tay marks the 2 year anniversary of my vasectomy.

    So I won't say it.

    But I WILL point out that come hot, sultry summer days a whole NEW game can be invented called Peel Your Back Off the Leather Couch.

    I think we should buzz on o'er this weekend and give it an official Spooky Manour inspection.

  4. great kid story. I always forget how quickly then can adjust

  5. For a moment I thought you were getting a couch like my mom had. You know the gold one with the black and white swirl pillows. YIKES!!

  6. I was just six when we moved out of our first house. I kissed every wall goodbye.

    And may I second Spooky - you handled that well.

  7. Can I hire you to raise my kids? (Don't tell Red.)

  8. Bubs: They are...

    Spooky: Thanks! I hope they will be able to help each other out throughout their lives. It's the dream of this only child.

    Cap'n: Bring your white gloves!

    Chancelucky: Thanks! I'm gald their nimble. I just have to be patient with Riley; she's very conservative. She still longs for the house we lived in three years ago...and she's only six!

    Suze: I dodged that bullet. My parents stuff is quite lovely. It's my grandma's stuff I have to be careful of.

    Thanks, Red. I've never really been very sentimental or attached to things. I guess I'm more like Lucy. It's been interesting living with such a traditionalist. I'm starting to learn how to be a bit more sentimental, whith the help of Riley and the Cap'n.

    EG: You'll have to move here and buy the house that's been for sale two doors down. You'll also have to hang out with us at Tiki.

  9. Feel free to have your parents send over any other unused 32" TVs.

    I won't complain. Honest!