Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's a New Day


  1. praise be to Zardoz!!

    Whoo... I've been waitin for this for, like, 8 damned YEARS or somethin'...

  2. Great way to start the work week. I went to Clinton's 1997 inauguration (just because I was in DC) and Obama's is ten times bigger. I may be speaking too early, but it feels like the last 12 years have been a blur of Ken Starr, 9/11, Iraq War, Katrina, finanical crisis.

    For whatever reason, it felt like we were starting to break free of that finally.

  3. 1.20.09 - The end of an error. :^)
    [For anyone who doesn't know, I totally got that off a bumper sticker. I neither want to receive nor appear to be taking undeserved credit for cleverness.)

    BTW, Flan, I did the meme over at WILATU.