Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Things You See When You Haven't Got Your Gun

So, I'm waiting in at the second drive-through window at Burger King. I'd already paid for my hamburger and drink. I was watching the people work, as I am wont to do, when my eyes fell upon this memo unwisely posted within my line of sight:


I've been reviewing the tapes from the surveillance cameras and I am disappointed to find many violations of the rules including: not wearing gloves when preparing food, not washing hands and eating in the food preparation area. These are all disciplinary problems. I will now be watching the surveillance tapes daily in order to monitor the situation. Consider this your verbal warning.


Two things went through my mind when I read this:
  1. Dammit, I've already paid for my food and I'm too cheap to drive off in a huff of moral indignation and mysophobic panic

  2. Wow, I'm glad I don't work there.

I took comfort in the notion that it was highly likely that Todd was able to get compliance to the basic health rules by threatening to monitor the workers constantly and then making good on it. Perhaps people are wearing gloves now, or at the very least, washing their hands regularly.

A girl can hope, right?

Or did the Team go overboard and take a page out of this asshat's book...

Oh, the humanity!


  1. We've all probably put worse things in our mouths...

  2. You've already eaten, so what the heck, I'll just put this out there:

    In my experience with fast food workers, that memo probably just drove them to commit other, far more serious violations, but surreptitiously and out of camera range. Nothing brings out the passive aggressive like a threat memo from a boss named "Todd".

  3. I think Bubs is on to something. Never try and threaten a bunch of minimum wage workers, cause what do they have to lose?

  4. CP: I suppose...

    Bubs: I thought about that too. Yipes!

    SD: They certainly don't care about their dignity.

  5. This is wrong on every level.

    Please, make a call to your local health department before they take the sign down and not to sound like that Simpson's cliche', but think of the children. These characters could spread e. coli to children and the elderly.

  6. Eww! Now you see, I would've said, 'nice memo. I've changed my mind, may I have my money back please?' oh no, you are brave because I would've never eaten the food after that!