Tuesday, May 04, 2010

FFF #30 - Breakfast

"Is it me, or does this coffee taste weird?"

"It's you."


"Pass me the lemons, would you?"

"I don't have the lemons."

"Nevermind, they're right here."

"You're blind without your glasses."

"You're blind without your glasses; I'm wearing mine."

"This toast is burnt."

"It's just dark."

"I like my toast lightly toasted."

"Well put some butter on it, that'll lighten it up."

"Are you trying to kill me? You know I can't have butter."

"Then make some more 'toast' and let's move on with our lives."

"What did you put in these eggs?"

"Eggs, milk, salt and pepper, mustard..."


"Yes, mustard."

"What ever possessed you to put mustard in the scrambled eggs?!?"

"I saw Rachel Ray do it."

"She's crazy."

"I like her."

"That figures."

"Let me have the Life section of the paper."


"Your horoscope: You may be disappointed in the morning, but don't be concerned you won't have to suffer overlong. Your life will flash by your eyes before lunch."

"You really aren't very nice until we start the second pot of coffee."

"I gave up coffee, don't you remember?"

"It's going to be a long day."

"For some of us...drink up."

Posted for Friday Flash Fiction.


  1. bwahahaha, this is what it sounds like between my husband and I...

    So realistic...it scares me.

  2. Flannery:

    Wonderful, wonderful! I was very much caught up in and enjoying the dialogue between the cranky, nothing-is-ever-right individual, and the other one who suffers by hearing all the haranguing. Then, the brilliant ending! I did not anticipate it at all, and it played out beautifully.


  3. Randal: Ain't that the truth! Tainted coffee seems to point in one direction, I'm afraid.

    Nicole: I'm glad it struck home and seemed honest, though I'm sorry you have to suffer this. Confidentially, I love bickering, both as a bickerer and a consumer of bickering.

    Prof. PipeTobacco: I'm really glad you enjoyed this! Thank you for the compliments. It was so much fun to write, not being tied down with exposition.

  4. That is a "Just go back to bed" kind of a morning!

  5. My daugher say that this is how me and the OH will behave when we both give up work - she could be right! :-o

    Fun stuff and wonderful dialogue - very well done!

  6. This is SO classic. It flows as smoothly as silk from start to perfect finish. Absolutely love this one.

  7. great story -- I love the subtext, all the things they say without saying anything

  8. Great dialogue Flannery. Really enjoyable piece. Nice job!

  9. SD: True dat!

    Sue: Thank you! Actually, bickering can be fun, especially if it embarrasses the children!

    Joyce: Thank you very much!

    Chad: Thank you...what isn't said almost communicates more.

    Thank you, David!

  10. I put mustard in the scrambled eggs, too.