Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Vow of Silence

Inspired by Chris at Some Guy's Blog, I decided not to talk to anyone about the events of 9/11/01 on it's fifth year anniversary yesterday. I was successful for the most part. The two times it came up yesterday were at lunch with my co-workers and with Big Orange on the phone after bedtime. On both occaisions, I said enough so as not to appear rude and changed the subject as soon as I could.

In my opinion, it was a tragedy. It deserves reverence. It is not a benchmark for the war. It is not an opportunity to spawn numerous TV or film sagas that serve essentially as emotional lap dances, arousing our anger and mining our tears. And it most definately is not a tool to stir our consciences to vote one way or another in mid-term elections.

This event is burned in my mind and my heart. Just a glance at a page in the Plain Dealer metro section of personal items found in the rubble caused tears to jump to my eyes and my throat to tighten with suppressed sobs. To deconstruct it at this point seems somehow sacreligious to me, a dishonor.


  1. Thank you, dirty. I was afraid it might be offensive.

  2. As bad as it seems, I try to keep the past there in the past. Lives were lost...it was sad but it doesn't shape a date in my life as "sad" just because of that thing that happened years ago...ya know? Some people celebrated their birthday yesterday...life goes on.

  3. I'm proud of you. You refused to take their (the powers that be) bait.

  4. Wow...thanks for the support, everyone. I was afraid to post these thoughts, but now I'm glad I took the risk.

    Maybe I'll start taking some more risks...

  5. Ooooh.... "emotional lap dance." Oooh, that's GOOOOD. I'm borrowing it.

  6. meanwhile, I think 9/11 was relevant to me 'cuz that's when i started spiritually seeking again-- that whole God Talk thing. It's an excellent idea, and I shoulda' done the same thing. Had I known ahead o' time that you were vowin' not to talk about it, I'd have rung you up and discussed the weather.

  7. Well, BO, that was part of my vow, I think. I didn't want to tell people that I didn't want to talk about it. I just didn't talk about it.

    I didn't really know I wasn't going to talk about it till that very day. I've been so disturbed by the pile of movies and mini-series that have already been churned out, way before their time, in my opinion. There is no way we can have significant enough perspective to view the events that day through film yet.

    Chris ended a post on Monday (on Drumstick ice cream) with the mantra "Must fight urge to comment on significance of the day..." and I thought to myself that that is what I wanted to do to. So I did it.

    Don't feel bad that you brought it up; you provided me with a test for my discipline and I thank you for it.