Friday, November 10, 2006

Justin Timberlake Is Hott

My pals, Genn6 and Elizabeth are all coming to terms with Justin Timberlake's sudden hottness to us. Genn6 Explains it best here. I must have his new album.

Edited to add: Elizabeth takes umbrage with my statement that she believes he is hott. She affirms that instead of hott he is now no longer repulsive (see comments). Prone 2 Whimsy apologizes for this overstatement.


  1. I have never thought he was even slightly hot but I sure love the song 'Sexy Back,' so his hotness factor rose. :)

  2. are the hands supposed to indicate the stroking of a gigantic donger? That's what Frank, my Muse, says on the subject.

    And if it DOES, what does that MEAN and to WHOM is it intended?

    Anyway, who the hell is this bloke?

  3. Okay, let's make this perfectly clear. I think his single is listenable, even entertaining. I'm pleased that he nolonger looks 12, but I have never and would never consider going out with him. I think he's vastly more attractive than he used to be. That does NOT mean that I think he's hot. It means he doesn't repulse me as if he were gum on the bottom of my shoe. That was my former opinion.

  4. Ewwwwwwww! As I told my students recently, if Justin Timberlake's responsible for bringing sexy back, we're in big BIG trouble.

  5. you're all totally deluded, justin timberlake has to be the HOTTEST man on this earth!! no exception! in my opinion. he's always been hot and he always will be! :P