Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Day With Flannery: Home Again

We made a cake.

...and cooked dinner at the same time!

I decided it was time to do something about my half of the closet.


We're going to play some Creature From The Krabby Patty, watch some Full House and go to bed. Goodnight everyone!


  1. Sounds like the perfect evening to me. Way to go on that closet thing...I'm too weak to toss out my stacks on the top shelf.

  2. Thanks for letting us spend the day with you! Cool idea.

  3. Thanks! I might do it again, only a weekend version.

  4. Actually, I got the idea from Dirty. She's done this once before.

  5. Please note the gunslinger at the back of the closet. He reminds me to quit swiping the wife's sweaters and socks when I can't find mine.


  6. This version was much easier to go through though. Keeping track of the time and taking the time to post made the day seem freakish.

    Your daughters are adorable!

  7. Doc: That gunslinger is there to remind me of not stealing your sweaters and socks as well, which I do more often than you do.

    Dirty: Thanks!

  8. Yes, I agree. (Now that I can comment again..)

    I love that you took us with you on a day at the office, to the loo, your pad!

    Thanks! :)