Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Campers or Hostages?

To-may-to, to-mah-to is my opinion because if I'm camping, I'm a hostage. However not everyone feels this way; I hear-tell some people actually plan camping trips.

So, you tell this a diverse group of rugged outdoors-people or have these people been captured after straying into disputed waters?

You make the call...


  1. It looks like a cast picture for "Survivor Montana".

  2. I think they are the lone survivors of the apocolypse.

  3. I'd say that they're all going to down some purple kool-aid later.

  4. "It was at about this point, cold, wet, and out of trail mix, that the lost campers decided to kill and eat one of their own to survive. Bob (second from right) was voted Least Likely to Succeed..."

    - Unhappy Campers
    Chapter 5 - "Where Did We Park The Hummer?"

  5. BO: Not cold enough.

    Peter: You are absolutely right! So, you're guessing hostages then?

    Phil: But are they happy?

    Boob Lady: I think you may be right.

    Deadspot: Genius!

  6. I hate camping...seems like more work that relaxing. Outdoors can be enjoyed in one's back yard by a camp fire where one can go sleep in one's own bed...

    At least that's what we do...

  7. Hmm, they do look sort of mal-nurished. But happy, so I'd say they were hostages who'd just been rescued.