Friday, March 30, 2007

Wisdom From Tom and Jerry

The kids and I were watching Tom and Jerry and Rily noticed that Jerry and Spike seemed like friends.
"Have you ever heard the saying 'the enemey of my enemy is my friend'?" I asked.
"What does that mean?" she asked.
"Well, Spike and Jerry are friends because they both don't like Tom; they have a common cause," I explained.
"More like a comedy cause," she said.
Later, when Tom and Jerry were fighting on a golf course, Riley observed this: "Rule number one in golf: Don't eat the golf ball."


  1. Tom and Jerry were so damn moody. Like seriously bipolar.

    In this cartoon they are enemies to the death... in another they are friends. I wish they would just be enemies, those were the funnier ones.

    Riley is so awesome.

  2. Riley is a little comedienne in training. Actually, it seems like she doesn't need any more training. She's more deserving of her own MTV show than Andy Milonakis.

    By the way, to answer your question from my blog about "Grease 2," I think it's the most unnecessary sequel ever created. But I have to admit to liking some of the songs. (Particularly the bowling one.) It's the same with liking Britney songs...sometimes they're just too catchy to convince your brain to hate them.

  3. the WORST T&J toons in the world were the newest ones where they were cooperating with each other. Seriously, the bestest were when they were beatin' hell outta' each other. The best of the best is when, at the end, the score was even: Tom got at Jerry just as much as Jerry got at Tom. But I always DID wonder why Spike was friends w/Jerry.

    Jerry was my fav. Not only was he kinda the "good guy" the best, I liked that he could hide in teeny little places and make his furniture out of matchsticks and thimbles and stuff...