Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm My Mom's Joke Writer

Mom: Your Dad and I went to see Wild Hogs last night.

Me: Oh yeah? How was that?

Mom: Well, it was like a chick flick...only for guys. You know, they bond, they learn a life lesson, they have some laughs.

Me: Huh.

Mom: What would you call that? A chick flick for guys?

Me:...thinking: Should I go here? I Will...How about a Dick Flick?

Mom: THAT'S IT! I'm totally using that line when we see Bob and Pat...


I love my Mom. She didn't even flinch.


  1. I could have gone my entire life without seeing William H. Macy's butt and John Travolta cupping his man boobs. Good Lord!

    Your Mom is pretty cool.

  2. Excellent use of "Dick Flick". I'm anxious to read the blog of where your mom uses it in conversation!!

  3. So you're like Carrie Fisher to her Debbie Reynolds? I can't wait for your book and movie!

  4. Just remember to tell mom that *I'm* the one who ORIGINALLY coined "Dick Flick" about 2 years ago.