Friday, April 06, 2007

Party Planning Kit

Tomorrow is the big birthday party for the girls and I've got a million things to do. Fortunately, I have today off. By the way, is it wrong to have a celebration on Holy Saturday? It seems kind of blasphemous. Oh well.

It's time for a list:

  1. Make coffee

  2. Wake up Doc and Lucy

  3. Get ready

  4. Get a 32 ounce Diet Coke for me (perhaps with a splash of Go Ape energy drink)

  5. Take the kids to Grandma and Pop's

  6. Go to Target and get gifts for the girls

  7. Go to Walmart and buy chips, pop, and beads for party activity, candy for pinata (mini Reese cups), replacement ink cartridge for photo printer...also get a few groceries

  8. Order ice cream cake

  9. Have lunch

  10. Pick up the kids

  11. Send Doc off to the Chiropractor

  12. Clean kitchen

  13. Dust living room

  14. Send Doc off to work

  15. Tidy the children's room

  16. Tidy our room

  17. Clean the bathrooms

  18. Run the vaccuum

  19. Have a beer with Elizabeth

  20. Move the guest bed out of the play area in the basement

  21. Set up kids tables in the basement

  22. Bring in chairs from the deck

  23. Bring up card table and chairs from the basement

  24. Put the kids to bed

  25. Have another drink

  26. Wrap presents

  27. Try to figure out how to accommodate 25 people, where to put the food

  28. Set up activity areas for the kids

  29. Welcome Doc home

  30. Head over to the Tiki and drink some more

  31. Fall into bed

  32. Wake up at 7:30 a.m. with Riley

  33. Fix breakfast

  34. Make coffee

  35. Wake Doc & Lucy

  36. Take kids to get pictures made (therefore preserving the state of the house)

  37. Return home by 1:00 p.m.

  38. Put out plates, pop, chips

  39. Set out activities at activity stations, stuff and hang pinata out on a frost-encrusted tree

  40. Welcome guests at 2:00 (except for those early birds who will already be there)

  41. Order pizza at 2:30

  42. Eat at 3:10

  43. Cake at 3:30

  44. Presents at 3:45

  45. Goodbye's to all at 4:00

  46. Enlist the help of Mom, Grandma, and Elizabeth to do the dishes, i.e. throw the My Pretty Pony plates and cups in the trash

  47. Have a drink

  48. Play some poker

  49. Welcome Doc home at 7:30

  50. Pass out

Wish me luck!


  1. What? You couldn't think of 51 things to do?

    Sounds like a fun weekend.

  2. 51. Breathe.
    52. Sleep.
    53. Back to work Monday morning.

    I talked to Elizabeth earlier and she told me about all the planning and preparation you have ahead of you. Good luck and I hope you get to enjoy some of this yourself.


  3. I'm exhausted just reading the list.

    I will have a nap in your name.


  4. "get Doc otta bed"
    "send Doc to work"
    "tell Doc to do THIS"
    "tell Doc to do THAT..."

    sheesh. Wimmin!!

  5. "A yuletide celebration, a Tigger tree and everything. How festive. Of course I wasn't invited."