Monday, August 27, 2007

Update on Chicago

I'm such a flake. I have class the proposed weekend of our trip to Chicago. So we've moved it up a week to Octobmer 13-14. Sorry about the changes.

Any new suggestions?


  1. "I warn you, if you bore me, I shall take my revenge." J.R.R. Tolkein

    Hey, a Tolkein fan coming to Chicago? Check out Wheaton College's Wade Center (a Tokein/Cs Lewis museum)

    (waittaminut, I don't work there!)

  2. Now, that's a weekend I can sink my teeth in to.

    You have to go to Club Lago at some point - perhaps we can set up a blogger meeting.

    Any interest?

  3. Looking forward to meeting you guys.

  4. Oh, you have to go to The Weiner Circle.

  5. But...But...But...I'd baked a cake and everything.

  6. Hoorah! Frank is coming! Frank is coming! Not to mention Phil, and Chris will be in town, so that works out. Maybe we can get Bubs and Mizbubs away from the compound for an evening out. Tenacious S and Mr. Miller, wow. This sounds like a star studded evening.

    I'm game for most anything, but I would prefer the advice of some of the locals. I have only been to Chicago once and I had to ride all the way there and back with the in-laws for a weekend and the only thing we saw was Flannery, but we listened to B.B. King the whole way. Club Lago sounds cool. I picture Rick's Cafe Americana from Casblanca, but I must admit that I'm a little leary of any place called Weiner Circle, but if Phil recommends it, it must be o.k. I love a good chilidog. I must admit that I'm so jazzed about the whole thing I had to quit drinking coffee. It will be wonderful to finally meet you all, and in Chris' case, again, instead of getting to know you piecemeal from your blogs and staring at your tiny avatars. See you in October, and please make all final plans with Flannery. I have no head for details.


  7. does anyone else hear the song "Flakes" by Frank Zappa play in their head when they read this title?? Or is it just me...??