Saturday, December 15, 2007

God Bless Lightning McQueen!

For the past I don't know how long, Lucy has refused to sleep in her bed. She doesn't like it, she says. It is a twin bed with a rather firm mattress on my great grandmother's old bed frame. I admit, I can't sleep on it either. It's like sleeping on a mounded rock.
Her alternative? To sleep in our room. We've tried everything to get her to sleep in her room short of locking her in, which I'm opposed to. I never liked the idea of locking a kid up. I didn't even use a playpen very much for my kids. I'd rather they be free and deal with the consequences. We've tried letting her fall asleep on our bed or the couch and moving her to her own bed, but she'd always get up and join us anyway.
So, I had a brain wave. I took down that antique bier and put her toddler bed back in her room. We were at Walmart today and I bought her a Lightning McQueen bedding set, which includes sheets, a comforter and a pillow case. I also got a TV/VCR from my Dad, who had about 8 to spare. The sheets are light blue with little Lightning McQueens and checkered flags. The top sheet is connected to the fitted sheet at the bottom, so it won't come loose. The comforter has a giant LM on it and the pillow case features Lightning on one side and Lightning and Mater on the other. Lucy loves it.
As I write this, it's 6:21 p.m. Both of the girls are in their jammies and snuggled up in Lucy's room watching Kipper. If I play my cards right, they will be out by 7:30! This after months of 9:30...10:00...11:00 bedtimes. Maybe now, Doc and I will have some quality time together after he gets home from work at 8:30. Maybe, too, I'll be able to get some writing in.
Phew. It was worth every penny. I hope.


  1. Hmmmm... free range kids. Do they have better eggs this way??

    Let's hope this isn't just a novelty...!!

  2. Lucy does love Lightning McQueen. I would too at her age. I hope this works out for you.

  3. Bedding sets are always fun. Someone bought my wife a Johnny Depp (Captain Jack Sparrow) pillow case last year for Christmas & she went nuts over it.

  4. And where can I find one of these Johnny Depp pillow cases?

  5. A small bar fridge and you'll never see them again.

  6. A really good mattress is worth every penny you spend on it. I never regret buying a nice supportive comfy one.