Thursday, January 03, 2008

Things My Co-Workers and I Randomly Researched While Bored At Work

Restless Leg Syndrome

J.J. Jackson

Loretta Lynn

Iowa Caucus Procedures

The Lizard Man

Omar Sharif

Is Charlton Heston Dead?

The Art of Game Design (work-related and definately worth reading for the prose styling alone)

What are you doing with your downtime?


  1. man, you WERE bored. I always thought restless leg was a sign of ADHD. I also heard it was a form of subliminal masturbation-- especially when you wiggle your legs back and forth at the hip, like I do all th' time.

    As for th' Iowa Kawkuss, I don't care 'cuz of my staunch commitment to the No Political Affiliation (NPA) Party, and it's good to see ol' J.J. again!!

  2. So, what is up with JJ nowadays? And, how did looking him up not lead to looking up any of the other original VJ's?

  3. The first stage of the Best Of B.L.W. and hopefully the second stage, as well as a new installment will be up by Monday morning.

  4. Ok, so JJ Jackson's dead, but Heston is still alive, right? What's the deal with Omar Sharif?

  5. I had RLS when I was pregnant. It was not fun. I felt like I wanted to jump out of my skin. It has nothing to do with pleasure, I assure you.

    Alas, JJ is no longer with us, though we can take comfort in the fact that Charlton Heston still least in body.

    As far as Omar Shariff goes, I wore a hat in to work that reminded the ladies of Dr. Zivago and went off on what a hunk OS is. We talked about him on and off all day.

  6. I stood next to Alan Hunter in a bar this summer. He's short, but looks the same as he did in his veejay days.

  7. TAoGD, at 81 pages in PDF, is gonna take up some of my leisure time, frankly...

  8. Then just read the first chapter or me; it's worth it. Who could stop reading when there are turns of phrase like this:

    The story writer unleashes a mighty swirling torrent of facts that sweeps the audience to its predestined conclusion. The game designer creates a complex network of paths cunningly crafted to show the player all possible facets of a single truth.

  9. It's probably not a good sign that my leg was already shaking when I started reading this is it?