Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back to School Scramble

It's that time of year again. It's time to start thinking about 9:00 bedtimes, school lunches and homework. In the spirit of hysteria that accompanies the return to the classroom, I decided yesterday to break up the bunk beds and give each of the girls a room of their own again.

Before we got the bunk beds, the girls begged and begged and begged to have a set of their own. So, with the help of Mom and Dad, we got them a nice pine set from a real furniture store. The beds were even delivered and installed for us. Well, the girls enjoyed them for a short time, then they spent most evenings worming their way into our bed. Now, both of them were raised as babies co-sleeping with us. You may or may not think it's a good idea, but it worked for us. Being a full-time working mom, it gave me bonus closeness time that we all needed. Eventually, we got them in their own rooms, but every now and again, the pendulum swings back to the "family bed."

This was ok when they were very little. But even though we have a king sized bed, the real estate is as dear as it would be on any waterfront now that the girls are considerably larger. Now I enjoy being close to my family, both literally and figuratively, but when you're close enough to be able to see each other's dreams, it's time to find a nice place in the suburbs for some of the tennants.

So, I spent most of the day yesterday while Doc was at work wrestling a ferociously heavy former pine tree to the ground. I also had to clear out Riley's old room, which had become the "play room," or the more aptly named "Baghdad." My God! The emense jumble of toys they have is incredible. I ended up putting a majority of them in plastic bins and taking them to the basement for sorting on a rainy day.

And so far, it is working. The girls slept happily in their own beds last night, though Lucy found her way into our bed again in the wee hours of the morning. While, this is ok on a weekend, it's got to stop during the week. It's going to take time; it's an adjustment for everyone concerned.

This evening, though, we were piled on the bed like puppies watching Mythbusters. The girls were starting to get manic, though, and thought it would be funny to start acting like puppies and were trying to lick me. This I find nasty. My only defense is to try to tickle them before they could do the deed. I was successful at holding them off and Lucy, undaunted, said, "You can tickle me but you can't tickle my spirit!"

Doc and I shared a smile, proud of her wit and cleverness. Closeness is a joy, but, as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. And we are both happy in the promise that tonight, our dreams will be our own.


  1. I heard tell that both Dharma Bum and Dances with Broccoli are in their own beds in their own room in their new digs. I wasn't there to help with that, but I'm pleased to hear it.

    As for co-sleeping, that was perhaps the single best decision my ex and I made as parents: especially when we discovered that Dances has autism: that contact allowed him to feel comfortable touching other people. I've decided that people who are adamantly opposed to co-sleeping need to go soak their heads and clearly don't have enuff to worry about.

    Meanwhile, it's REALLY cold here these last few nights (hence why so many ski resorts are nearby) and the pooches-- short-haired, all-- have suddenly expressed a lot more interest in co-sleeping as well. I'm grateful for the warmth (average canine body temp = 102) but these are big-ass dogs!! And they dream and kick in their sleep!!

  2. When Skyler has to sleep in a strange place/room, like a hotel or different situation, he worries constantly about every little sound and light.

    The first time we stay anywhere, we all get no sleep whatsoever!

    I love Lucy saying "You can tickle me but you can't tickle my spirit!" That is just wonderful!

  3. We have a couple weeks to go before school. I'm dreading the nightly routine changes.

  4. Grant: Oh, the wailing and gnashing of teeth! Were's my Xanax...

    SD: I know! I love that line...And sleep is so important. I can't stand the disruptions of a new place either. That's why I'm not a huge fan of staying overnight anywhere but home.

    Cap'n...I knew you'd understand.