Friday, August 31, 2007

Riley's First Day of School

Riley woke me up at 7:00 a.m. "It's time for school!"

"Not just yet, baby," I replied, "Let's snuggle for a little bit."

So we did. At 7:30 we got up and I fixed Riley a bowl of Trix. As she ate, she complained of being sleepy.

"We'll get a bath; that will wake you up."


So, Riley got a bath and then she got dressed. She's wearing a Chococat glitter tee and a plaid skort, very punk. While we were gathering up odds and ends, Lucy woke up.

"Do you want to go to the bus stop with sister?" I asked.

"Yeah," she said, rubbing her eyes.

"Well let's get you dressed."

I got Lucy ready and it was getting close to the time Riley needed to be at the bus stop. We made our way outside, as I called Lisa. Her daughter Taylor is starting kindergarten today too. I heard Riley and Taylor yelling to each other across the street and gave up the phone call. They were already on the way.

We made our way to the bus stop on the most perfect of mornings. It was cool, sunny and dewy. After a few moments, Riley's other friend Brittney joined us. She's going into the second grade. We took pictures and the kids watched the garbage truck backing up.

And before you knew it, there was the bus. The girls got on the bus and all three of them took a seat together at the front of the bus and waved back at us. Lisa and I waved back and immediately started tearing up.

"I was so sentimental last night, I was looking for Taylor's baby book!" she said.

"You know, it didn't hit me until just now," I said, wiping my eyes.

Lucy looked up at me and stretched her arms up. "I want sister!" she said.

"Me too, baby," I said as I picked her up.

"God, they are in someone else's hands now!" Lisa said. "My baby's gone!"

"Yes, they are starting their independence for real." I said,

"Yep," she said.

"So, margaritas?" I asked.

"No doubt." she replied.

We agreed to get together later. I'm taking Lucy to meet her nursery school teacher today (sniffle). We'll then go to the library and out to lunch, I think.

Wow. I've been dreaming of this day for a long time. Riley is going to soar in school, I know it. She needs it. But godammit, she's growing up. From this point on, she's going to need me less and less. She probably won't want to sit on my lap much longer. Last night, she and I snuggled in her room and watched Grease for about a half an hour. She leaned her head against me and said, "The best times I have are with you." For now, I thought.

"Will you stay this age forever, Lucy?" I asked Lucy as I pulled her face toward mine.

"Uh-huh," she said, smiling.


  1. Here I am getting all misty along with you and you toss in ""So, margaritas?" I asked."

    Nicely done Flannery!

  2. I still have a full year before my oldest starts. As much as I can't wait for her to get to school and make me proud, I can't stand the thought of not hearing those youthful funny comments anymore

  3. Philip goes on Tuesday. I have no idea how I'm gonna react. He's my Little Guy.

  4. Huh. Our lil' guys have been in school for o'er a year... of course, they're autistic and need all the help they can get. Still, the first day we put 'em in their lil' uniforms (matching kakhi pants/skort and a red tee) and sent 'em off to a new school, it was movin'.

    Now, of course, as a FORMER classroom teacher ::coff, coff:: I have to say that she WILL soar IF she is allowed to. Allow me to refer you to a recent Time Magazine article about how some of the brightest kids in our schools are bored and even 'dumbed down' because, thanks to NCLB, all of the teacher's energies is being focused on the lowest 25% of achievers. While it's perfectly lovely for Miss R. to be "tutoring" those Kinders who have been raised in front of the boob tube, don't have any print awareness or phonics, and have essentially either been chained up in the back yard and fed with slinghots or allowed to run ruffshod o'er the neighbourhood, be aware and mindful that in Kindergarten, at least, there's a good chance she'll be easily bored if they're not careful.

    Actually, that in itself is perhaps a good reason to have gotten out of th' profession: schools (thanks to NCLB) are so focused on low test score-ers who might ::gasp!!:: pull down the school's percentage that they focus all their energy on those low achieving/performing kids. Leaving the hi-achievers to sit and rot.

    ---Big Orange

  5. Oh, man. Now I need a margarita, too.

  6. Damn you, Flann! You know I'm a sucker for posts like this!

    I can't wait to hear how the first day went. How was the margarita?

  7. the 'ritas must've been pretty good, Chris-- no new post, no responses. Hmmm...

  8. Don't worry Mr. Ghost. She's enjoying her long weekend with her family. I'm sure she'll respond soon enough.

  9. Thanks, Skyler's Dad. I try not to let a sentimental moment go by without trying to crush it somehow.

    Mo, I feel ya. Hopefully, the comments will just get funnier.

    Phil, bring kleenex. Just sayin'.

    Anon: way to kill the buzz.

    Beth, did you know P2W leads to drinking?

    Chris: You're the wind beneath my wings. I always try to make these kinds of posts the best cause I know they'll get you.

    Hot lemon...they are cute!

    Ghost: Here I am!

    Elizabeth: You're psychic!

  10. They are always the ones ready for the next step in their independence. Feels like just yesterday that Sweetness and Bink had their first day of school, but this year they'll be in fourth and eighth grade. Where does the time go?