Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Few Moments

I've taken a lot of pictures this summer and I have a random collection to share with you. Why don't you enjoy this one while I get the portrait of my new do perfected.



  1. orange barrels!! The State Bird of Ohio!!

    ---Big Orange

  2. cool! Was someone burning ants with that giant magnifying glass?

    And I didn't know you were ALLOWED to have blue skies in the Midwest... Or is that the point of the pix-- proof that someone slipped it in??

  3. This is very cool how you got blogger to cooperate with your photos.

  4. You took a picture of Viking Hall. Ah, the memories!

  5. I like those red boots - does she get her sense of style from you?

  6. BO: indeed. You should see how awful Euclid Ave looks. It's like f-ing Baghdad out there.

    Ghost: Nah, she was just carrying that magnifying glass around with her all day.

    SD: It's Photobucket...sometimes it's easier to upload pix there, build a slideshow and embed them here.

    Elizabeth: Memories indeed!

    GKL: Probably, though my parents brought those boots back from Arizona.