Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Things That Make Me Cry

  1. Other people crying

  2. Frustration

  3. Concerts

  4. Stubbing my toe and/or barking my knuckles or shins

  5. Lonliness

  6. Exhaustion

  7. Traffic jams

  8. Triumph

  9. Laughing

  10. Beauty

I'll pass you a tissue if you tell me something that makes you cry...


  1. 1. Old Movies.
    2. Bills I don't have the money to pay.
    3. My own stupidity.
    4. When I hurt someone I love.
    5. Injustice.
    6. Violence and hate.
    7. The last beer.
    8. Senceless waste.
    9. Death.
    10. etc. al.


  2. Lots of things, I am a softy!

    1. Kodak commercials
    2. Olympic stories of people who have overcome great odds.
    3. Any story that a kid with special needs gets included.
    4. Any animal story.
    5. check my blog today, I think it's the music...

  3. The scene in Terms of Endearment where Debra Winger tells her kids she's not going to be around much longer. Gets me every goddamn time.

  4. Itilian Marinade from upstate New York on my doorsetp. Who knew?

    Love poems to dead husbands and graduation mortarboards at the Vietnam Memorial.

    That was just in the past five days.

  5. I'm not much of a cryer, but I felt the wet stuff rolling down my cheek just the other day. My niece and I were watching the YouTube video of that little girl Connie from "Britain's Got Talent." She started to sing and it just got to me. Her voice was so pure. The female judge started to cry and my niece laughed and was like, "Why is she crying?" And I'm there like, *choke*"I...i don't *sniff* know..." trying to be all stoic.

  6. 1. When the last drop of tequila is gone.

    2. When Christopher Plummer sings Edelweiss.

    3. When baa-baa gets killed in The Little Drummer Boy

  7. Oh, Edelweiss...swoon. I'm with you on that one, GKL.