Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day Resolutions

  1. I promise to comment more.

  2. I plan on sticking it to the man.

  3. I will harass republican candidates tomorrow at the fair by leaving dirty napkins on their displays.

  4. I will spend more time with Doc, planning the revolution.

  5. I'll only eat the red M&M's.

  6. I'll make a list of the first people against the wall when the revolution comes: Mel Gibson (natch), John Mayer, Citibankers, etc.

  7. I'll try to grow a beard.

  8. I'll stop picking scabs.

  9. I'll consider picking up hitchikers.

  10. I'll let someone guest-host my blog. Maybe.


  1. Please be sure to have a really messy meal before you leave those napkins on the table.

  2. I'll grow a beard seems just a tad out of place with the rest of this list.

  3. I hate the Washington Mutual bankers myself.

  4. scabs are people, too!!

    I'm with Ten re: the messy napkins-- I recommend ribs or lobster.

    re: guest hosting... Ever had a dead man put shit on your blog?? Then again, I'm probably a poor choice-- it might get you SHITCANNED!!

    ---Big Orange

  5. What a great idea, the list of resolutions...It does seem as September is more fitting for this instead of January 1.

    I'll have to think up my own list,too.

  6. The beard might be a tough one. I won't hold you to that.

  7. You got it, ten s. I was thinking greasy french fry napkin with ketchup and vineager on it. Maybe one of my kids will puke on Ralph Regula's shoes.

    SD: I was trying to think of a way to be more like Karl Marx. I don't really know much about him, except for the beard.

    Phil: How about we just say "bankers"? That ought to cover it.

    BO: Oh dear.

    Elizabeth: I always throw in a couple of bogus resolutions that I know I can't do.

    Sage advice, Grant Miller.

  8. If I were you, I'd resolve to spell Labour correctly or at least Canadianly or Britishly.

  9. That's a bit much. You should try consolidation. Like, start picking up scabby, bearded hitchhikers and let them guest blog AND write all your comments for you.

  10. Just FYI- My wife says the red dye in red M&Ms comes from bugs.

  11. For a long time, my email sig was "First up against the wall when the revolution fails."

  12. I actually resolved to leave less comments. You can see how well that's going.

  13. I may adopt several of these myself. But I promise to leave Doc alone.

  14. I don't know about M&M's, but the red colouring in Yoplait DOES come from bugs:

    now you know what to look for.

    Meanwhile, at what point did red M&M's NOT become cancerous? About the same time Sweet N' Low stopped being cancerous, as well??

  15. Oh, gee, THIS makes me feel better:

    "Red dye #40 is a different substance. It is derived chemically from coal tar and is not an animal or insect product."

  16. Red Dye #40 is also an awesome song by The Honeydogs.