Friday, September 07, 2007

Skyler's Dad Wants To Know...

Recently, Skyler's Dad offered to interview me to help me get through this little slump I'm in. I gladly took him up on the offer.

  1. Do you still have the picture of tongue disorders, and did you ever put it up on your refrigerator?

    Yes, I do still have those pictures that David Sedaris gave me. And, no, I never put them on my fridge. They are safely ensconced within my signed copy of Dress Your Family in Courduroy and Denim, which has a home on the top shelf of my closet. Man, that was three years ago. Time flies, doesn't it?
  2. Where are all of the towns you have called home?

    Well, I'm an Ohio girl through and through. I've never lived in any other state. However I have scooted here and there over the years. In particular, I have lived in Canton, Cleveland, Lakewood, University Heights, Newark, New Albany and Columbus.

    Some may scoff at Ohio, but I think it is a very beautiful state and full of variety. It is urban and Appalachian. It's farmland and forest. At least five presidents were born here and one was born in my home town. We've got Amish, too, so there's aways "home cooking" to be had and hand-crafted furniture.
  3. If you could change one habit about Doc, what would it be?

    OK, here we go. He has this habit of saying, "I'll be back in twenty minutes." As you may have read here, he went to great lengths to define what he means when he says certain things, especially when he talks about time. You may not have noticed (but I sure did) that "twenty minutes" remains undefined. If I could change one habit of his, I wish that when he said he'd be back/done in twenty minutes, he meant a span of time resembling 18-23 minutes, rather than a nebulous 25 minutes to 4 hours.
  4. I loved your open letter to your daughters. If you were to write it again today, would it still read the same?

    Thank you. Yes it most definately would read the same. As I re-read it, I was glad to note that I still stand behind that statement just as much as when I wrote it, if not more.
  5. Can you somehow, someway explain the allure of American Idol to me? I will reciprocate by attempting to explain anything you ask of me...

    For me, the allure of American Idol lies in its potential for magical moments. While I do enjoy the trainwreck it can be, I much prefer the times when humanity shines through it. There is so much manufactured drama/emotion/magic in the world today, it's rare to see something authentically transcendent. There have been moments on that show when I know I've been a witness to art in action on so many levels.

    For example, in this past season, I thought the talent was about the best ever, but I hadn't really connected personally with any of the artists. This is hardly surprising; I'm not sure I fall into the target audience. Anyway, it was country night and I was watching out of duty to the process rather than any real excitement about the prospects. And Blake Lewis busted out with the song When the Skies Go Blue...

    Maybe it was the combination of the argyle sweater and this dreamy song, but he delivered it and I felt a connection. I got goosebumps. I felt the magic of the music, which, for some reason, becomes more elusive the older I get.

    So, in a nutshell: I watch American Idol to mine for new music gold. And I love Ryan Seacrest.

    Can you explain the appeal of Desparate Housewives?
  6. Are you ever going to post a picture of the new do?

    Yes. I'll post it here tonight when I get home. I promise. I had lost my camera for a couple of weeks, then my hair needed cut and colored. I've done that and I think I'm ready for my close-up.
  7. Has your hate for Mel Gibson subsided any?

    I don't think I ever hated him. I'm angry with him. As a Christian, I think he represents the worst of us and actually does damage to our image, so to speak, especially in the eyes of people who aren't Christian. He violates rule number one: Do no harm.
  8. How long have you known Big Orange?

    I have known him for 18 years. Jesus, that's a long time.
  9. How has blogging changed you?

    I see the world a bit differently. I start noticing the little things and instead of letting them flee by, I capture them here for my blog. For example, today, at lunch, I saw a poseur punk girl in a dress length black tee (with jeans, natch). Written upon this tee in purple, 250 pt Arial letters was the proverb: Rehab is the New Black. Gag me. It was reminiscent of those "Choose Life" tees that Wham! used to wear. I knew I had to tell you all about it because I know you would mock her with me. And I need partners in mocking.

    Blogging has made the minute relevant for me. I can capture the minutia, bring it here, blow it up and use it to entertain you. I am an entertainer at heart. And an attention whore. Plus blogging has helped me hone my writing. By making all this nonsense public, especially to a bunch of other writers, I've really learned how to mind my p's and q's and also how to shape my message so that it is communicated well.

    Blogging has also removed the stigma of online relationships in my mind. I feel like the people I know online are perceptive, intelligent, hip and free-thinking people, the kind of people that I want to populate my life with. So what if we may never meet face to face? I still feel like we're friends. And when I read blogs written by people I know in person, I feel like I get to know them much better than if we didn't exchange written ideas.
  10. How has losing your grandfather changed you?

    I'm not sure. I kind of feel like he's still with me, so I haven't really lost him. But his passing has taught me that I can go on, but not without a few break-downs every now and then. I've learned how to grieve.

Thank you so much for the questions!


  1. Oooh, I like this!

    First off, I love that Open Letter to Your Daughters-- that's just wonderful. Second, I love your observation re: blogging as a gateway to mindfulness (if I can be bold enuff to say that's one of the things you meant). I used to do that sort of writing, but it was in a book journal, and who's gonna read THAT?

    "attention whore." Love it, love it. Gonna borrow it. Gonna write it on a gummed HELLO MY NAME IS label and slap it to my bedsheet.

    Meanwhile, who's this Big Orange dude and what the hell happened to him?? He dead or something??

  2. You can try to explain your delight with American Idol, but I only get it as far as "train wreck" goes, and that sort of thing I don't find entertaining unless it's in print.

    Gee, d'ya think there's a reason why Doc DOESN'T define "20 minutes"?? I didn't catch that when I read that post. Prolly he didn't want me to, ay??

    Oh, and did you print out your Open Letter and hide it somewhere?? fambly Bible or something? (or next to the tongue disorders?)

  3. GHOST: "Oh, he's not dead... [looks away] at least not YET, anyway."

    ---Obi-Wan Kenobi

    LEMON: every guy should have a phrase like "20 minutes". It gives us a chance to be mysterious and inscruitable... and off-task.

    FLANN: as per usual, grand stuff, grand stuff!! Kudos to Sky-Dad, too, on good questions, esp. the one re: blogging. And thanx, Sky-Dad, for thunkin' o' me!!

    ---Big Orange

  4. I feel like I am watching Sybil ;^)

    Thanks for putting up with too many, and poorly formed questions Flan. I cranked that out way too quickly.

    And thanks for explaining Idol to me, I have seen a total of 3 episodes, and I guess I never caught a magical moment, just Simon being a complete ass to people who are giving it all they have. I will revisit the show again.

    Desperate Housewives? Perhaps you could have asked me to explain why different forms of religion that are built upon the premise of peace try to kill each other? That might have been easier!

    I watched the show after the 3rd episode and a lot of folks told me how great it was. I found it to be pretty funny the remainder of the first season, because the writing was always done with a wink at the audience and tongue in mouth. That ended right away with the second season when I think they started to take themselves way too seriously. I stopped watching then, but I will always have a soft spot for Felicity Huffman, and will watch her in anything. If you never saw Sports Night, where she was the producer, check it out if it is available.

  5. Oops, that should be tongue in cheek, not tongue in mouth...


  6. Eeaakkk, you made me feel old. I had to think how long I've known Big Orange...and it's over 20 years. You also reminded me that I think it's time to go get my hair colored.
    Cool questions and answers by the way. Though I can't stand AI.

  7. I think it's cool that you connect with the talent on Idol. I don't watch the show, but I have those goosebump moments when I go see musicals at the Buell in Denver.

    Still waitin' on that 'do photo.

  8. Great interview! Nice description of the appeal of American Idol, too.

    I had one of those Choose Life tees when I was younger. I have no problem mocking myself when I think back on it now, and I would have no problem mocking that poser girl. And by mocking I mean trippng her and running.

  9. Great interview! Always interesting to read.

    And I commented on your open letter post that I loved what you wrote. You're so fab.

  10. This is one of my favourite Q & A sessions. The questions really got to the heart of you and the answers really got to the heart of me. Awwwww. Be back in 20 minutes.