Saturday, September 13, 2008

Omens of Snowmen

The other night, I was laying in bed and I happened to look out of the window that gives me a view of the street. I saw amber flashing lights whiz by and thought to myself, "There goes a snow plow..." I snuggled up in the blankets and looked down at the remote, preparing to start an episode of Murder, She Wrote and enjoy a long winter's nap. But then I stopped in my tracks. Wait a's September! That couldn't have been a snow plow. It must have been a tow truck.

This has been a great summer, but the above episode makes me feel like I must be ready for winter. I'm looking forward to a chill in the air and snow on the ground. This is a good thing. Since we moved away from Cleveland, where winter was sent priority overnight by Satan himself, my level of anxiety about winter has ratchetedd down quite a bit. Actually, as Genn6 pointed out in the comments a few posts ago, my stress level is greatly reduced since I left there. She's right, of course.

I'm in a house I can manage in a neighborhood I love. My gas bill is $81 a month, thanks to joining the budget payment plan. Our lives have really stablized since then. We have a little bit left over most pay checks. Not enough to put any away yet, but soon we should be able to. My new job rewards me with more than platitudes; I usually receive a quarterly bonus which is like trading in a camp shovel for a backhoe to help us dig out of debt. Maybe someday, we'll have a savings account.

I used to feel like I was in a race I couldn't win. Nothing I did at my job was good enough for the powers that be, who had ridiculously high expectations. I was living in a house I couldn't afford. My family were far away. I transitioned closer to my family and commuted 120 miles a day until I could find a local job, which I did...right before gas prices went plaid on us. The race finally started to seem winnable. I had broken through the wall, as Skyler's Dad might say.

I say I did all this, but I had help: namely Doc. He's soldiered through right along with me. My parents and Grandma are also invaluable elements of my success. They gave me the extra support we needed to keep moving in the form of free babysitting, free dinners and lots of good times. Betty was always there to listen to me whine and cry about how I was ready to throw in the towel. The Cap'n was there with a laugh and an example of how bad it could get (I'm sure he's glad about that). Genn6 is there to provide the no b-s analysis of football and music. I've also had all of you to share things with and to receive encouragement from.

I say to old Frosty: Bring it on. I'll be here with my peeps, digging out.


  1. I am there with you, as a friend, and to tell you we have fresh snow on the mountains and yellow in the leaves.

    Fall is my favorite time of the year!

  2. When you're finished, can you do my driveway? I mean, when the time comes.

  3. SD: I'm with you, buddy! Thank goodness there aren't fresh leaves on the mountains and yellow in the snow!

    Dale: You got it!

  4. This is great stuff, Flann! You deserve good things. Does this mean Doc can buy beer again?

  5. I had a Vision Splendid the other day that involved snow. I'm saving it for th' nonce, but I'll tell ya' 'bout it sometime.

    This winter will be the first one in 4 years I'll have been in the North all th' way through, and for the first time in that amt of time, I'm finding myself looking foward to it-- it's hard to see Santa Claus at Disney World when it's 80 degrees.

  6. OH, and BTW, from my experience of living by the lake for the great majority of my life, it COULD have been a snowplow in Sept...

  7. SG: Thank you. But about the beer: I never asked him to stop buying beer, just to take it easy...Sheesh! Doc is such a drama queen sometimes...

    Capn: Should be a good Christmas this year, tater...

  8. You know how I am about the heat so I'm happy to see summer exit and usher in my favourite season (as well as Skyler's Dad!)

    The only parts I can't stand are the time change (it's dark at 5:00! WTF daylight are we trying to save?) and the end of February/early March when we're getting sick of it and pulling our hair out with cabin fever.