Friday, September 05, 2008

Watches?!? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Watches!

It's been years since I've worn a watch, probably close to 10. Up until that point I wore them religiously. It started out with my first Swatch when I was in middle school. I wore it all the time. I wore it to bed; I wore it in the shower (it was waterproof). Later, as I grew out of the Swatch watches and into the Swiss Army watches, I no longer wore my watch in the shower, but I did wear it to bed. It had glow in the dark hands so I could see it when I woke up suddenly in the night. For some reason, I wake up panicked and I have to know what time it is. This might be because I wore a watch to bed for so many years. Or I may have worn a watch to bed because of this time disorienting panic disorder I have.

And then I met Doc. He never wore a watch. "I don't need one," he expained. "There's clocks everywhere and there's usually at least one person in the room who will have the time and give it to you when you ask." He was also constantly breaking them and found them confining in more ways than one. I don't think he likes having one physically on his arm, but moreso, he vehemently demands freedom from the tyranny of time. Those who know him are probably familiar with his infamous "Gimme twenty minutes" gambit. Doc's "twenty minutes" are as flexible as taffy. Wearing a watch would turn his taffy into rocks.

As much as I've groused about this time taffy, I've also tried to learn from it. I believe a lot of my depression stems from the sorrow that this too shall pass. Even while I was in the middle of having a good time, my eye would be on the clock and I would be fretting about the fact that this good time would be over soon. Of course I was not wise enough to remember that just because this good time is over, doesn't mean that all good times are over.

Watching Doc saunter through his days, his time his own inspired me. I took my watch off as an experiement to see if I could be more like him and less concerned with "when" and more involved with "how" and "why" and "who." And so far, so good. I'm still worried about the time. I look at the clock often. I check my cell phone to see what time it is. I even wake up in the middle of the night, search for the clock on the cable box, note the time and drift back off to sleep. However, now, when I'm in the middle of something and I feel the time fluttering away from me like a long ribbon, I just hold on to my hat and let go of the panic. Sometimes, I even give myself "Twenty Minutes" to do things.

To this day, my Swiss Army watch with glow in the dark hands and the date indicator, sits in my junk drawer, a relic. As you know, I recently cleaned out that drawer and the watch made the cut; it did not get pitched, but it's still classified as "junk." Doc saw it in there and noted, "There's your watch..."

"Yep," I said giving it a look and closing the drawer, thinking I would never were it or its kind again.

That is until the other day...

I was entering my codes in the My Coke Rewards program. We had about 350 points and I was shopping through the items, not confident that I would find anything good. And what should pop up in the list, but an American Idol watch!!! It silver with a black face and band. The American Idol logo is splashed across the middle and the hands glow in the dark. I immediately ordered it and applied all but one of my points to obtaining it.

The watch arrived yesterday and I immediatly removed it from the packaging and put it on. I was somewhat concerened that this act would bind me again in the shackles of time, like I had been in the past. But so far, so good. It's not much more than a bracelet in my mind. Also, it's a great conversation piece. And, it's totally awesome. I'll keep you posted on my time frame of mind.


  1. Thank you Darling for the nod. It has been obvious to me for some time that life comes at you in twenty minute increments, just don't try to count them.

    As always, wonderful post.


    P.S.- Enough about my ball scratching. Sheesh!

  2. "With no clock, the time is always now."


  3. A true American Idol watch should have an alarm function with Paula shouting out drunky ramblings!

    Now that's something I would buy!

  4. Oh, Flan, I can sooooo identify. I suffer with the "night frets," and I recently forbade myself from checking the time when I am awake worrying in the middle of the night. I tell myself that what possible difference could it make what time it is. We'll see how it goes.

  5. I wish I could go w/o my watch, but I think I just always need to know what time it is. Maybe once we sell our home & I quit my job to head out west... maybe then I'll ditch the watch as an experiment.

  6. Doc: You're welcome. And thanks...

    SD: Let's call Timex and make it happen!

    Vikki: It's weird...Maybe we both are terrified of missing something.

    BSUWG: It's a mental discipline, for sure, to get rid of your watch. But Doc's right, you never really need one. Give it a try this weekend.

  7. I can dig the whole "what the hell time is it?" in the watches (snicker!!) of the night, but in MY case it comes from such a horrible ability to TELL time that I"m always afraid I set my alarm clock wrong, or the power went out, or I'm going to oversleep or something. I actually LIKE seeing the clock reading "3:06 AM" and realizing I DON'T have to get up and out of bed just yet.

    And the whole confinement & breaking watches biz is why I wear pocketwatches: I can ignore the time until I wanna know and I'm less likely to break the band off loading kitty litter.

    I think I can make a cake out of this myself...

  8. Let's see a pic of this AI watch please!

    I wear a watch but I still do Doc's "20 minutes" thing. Except with me it's "five minutes" or if someone is REALLY pressuring me it's "two minutes." And all of it really means "XX minutes or until I'm done here...."

  9. Love the post.

    I never wear a watch because it bothers my wrists. But it does remind me of the Seinfeld episode when Kramer said he doesn't wear a watch.

    Elaine: "How do you tell time?"
    Kramer: "I tell time by the sun"
    Elaine: "How do you tell at night?"
    Kramer: "Night's a little harder, but it's only a few hours"

  10. I'm a time bandit freak too but I've been getting better at leaving the watch behind and not worrying about it. Let's see your prize new one!

  11. What happened to Swatch? They used to make cool watches. The new ones look like they were designed by 7 year olds.

    I had a great Swatch in college. It was black on black on black on black. Black watch, black face, black numbers, black hands. It survived mosh pits, protests, bouncing at the house parties on Fell, leaping the barricades at drop/adds, and most of my exes. My friend Sarah and I bonded one night over our Swatches.