Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back To Form

I spent the day cleaning my kitchen. I emptied out the cupboard that had blue raspberry jello mix spilled in it, cleaned it, and reorganized it. I cleaned out the junk drawer and only put very useful things in it:

  • Screwdrivers

  • pencils

  • paper

  • sewing kit

  • tattoos

  • band-aids

  • rubber bands
  • a Seven Mary Three tape (it's Doc's)

  • twisty ties

  • a map of St. Louis

  • an address book

  • a check book

There are other things I thought I might need in a pinch, but I can't remember them all (I suck at those parlour games where you get a brief glance at an array of things and have to write them all down). We have a mobile dishwasher that sits in the corner of the room and I set the printer up on top of it. That way, if we need to scan or print something, we have a flat surface at counter level to set the lap top. The memo board is right there on the wall, just in case you need to read/leave a note. The longer I worked at it, the more I realized that I needed to make the space functional. And I think it is now. Plus, everything sparkles.

I think I'm going to treat my kitchen like I would a desk. It's a workspace and I need order and a minimum of clutter. Doc's off for the next two days and I hope we can keep the momentum up with the rest of the house. We'll take a break for dinner tomorrow at the Stark County Fair and have some fair food. I'm hoping to pick up an Obama sticker in the politickin' barn. Thanks to Vikki for the push in the right direction with her dead on assessment (as usual) of John McCain's VP selection.

Did I tell you Riley lost a tooth?

She also started the first grade. She's a rock star.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Maybe I'll take a picture of my newly scrubbed refrigerater to make you jealous.


  1. ACDC and Seven Mary Three? Oh,he's killing me!

  2. Riley is really cute, rock star doesn't even come close to how awesome she looks!

  3. Just tack your blog up there so we can all have a look.

  4. Genn6: I know!

    SD: Thanks!

    Dale: You got it dude.

  5. I am totally into de-cluttering. I wonder why I have to keep doing it!

  6. Leon Sphinx ain't got nuthin' on that Riley-gal!!

    Where's the vomit for the junk drawer? Remember that MY dad used to look in the kitchen junk drawer and say "there's everything in her except for vomit!" He was an odd bird...

    Ya know, if'n y'alls ever thunks of getting RID of that dishy-washer, I'll be willing to offer yew a good price on it for Spooky Manour! I HATE washing dishes with a passion!! Moving Zen? My ass!!

  7. Hey, thanks for the link, baby!

    You flatter me by saying I influenced you, though.

  8. Vikki, you just made me sure I was doing the right thing.

  9. Have I really known you long enough for your kids to be growing up?

  10. Deadspot, you and me...we go way back.