Sunday, April 19, 2009

Conversations With Riley The Bureaucrat

"Mom, I need some help cleaning my room," Riley announced, clipboard in hand.


"Yes, do you want to be the janitor?" she asked after consulting her list.

"Uh, no!" I said.

"How about doorman?"

"What else you got?"

"Librarian?" she said, "I've already got 'job-giver' filled..."

"Librarian it is," I said.


  1. Who's in charge of museum light switches? :-)

  2. I'm curious what the duties are for doorman.

  3. She is destined for upper management!

  4. I believe that's the Doc the Doorman's job, Dale.

    The doorman duties include: stamping people's hand with a wiener dog stamp if they are authorized to enter and the lightswitch.

    SD: Isn't she though? She later trained us each on our job duties.

  5. Wait...who gives the job of job-giver in the first place?? I think my mind has just been blown.

  6. If you have an opening for Director of Administration, please let me know and I'll send you my CV.

  7. That's me every day, Beckeye!

    I'm so proud, GKL.

    Vikki: You'll have to talk to Riley about that...I'll pencil you in to her calandar because I have the proper security access.

  8. Does Riley have a news letter that I can subscribe to?

  9. I don't think EG needs any help! I'm worried about what he could learn from Riley.

  10. First off, you should be lucky that there WAS another job other than janitor-- this is a tuff economy!!

    Secondly, I so totally approve of the clippy-board.