Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Riley's Pix

I was inspired by Phil to post my four year old's mad photography skillz...
Fierce Mommy

Daddy's Chin

Lucy's Tummy

Our Little World

A statement on materialism


  1. Mad skillz indeed. I love how she captured her sister's tummy...swell.

    We have that cash register...I play with it more than my kids do.

  2. Elizabeth, thank you!

    Dirty, well that cash register does have a solar calculator built into it.

    Chris, it's funny you should mention Annie Liebovitz; I just watched a PBS special on her. Hopefully Riley will be as talented but I don't think she'll be able to pull off the introversion.

  3. We should get an exibit of four-year-old photographers together.

  4. We could call it, "I don't want to go to bed!"

  5. hee... that's great. Doubleplus great that the pix are electronic-- imagine how much $$$ it'd use up with analog!!

    My fav. is the "Statement on Materialism"-- did she name it herself??

    Also, to be an A.L. she needs to work in B&W and sepia.

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  7. AL did color work...see Rolling Stone covers...

  8. And no, Riley didn't name it herself, I did.

    Indeed, thank heaven for digital cameras! Kids love to take pictures and adults are game to pose for little kids. Kids can get some pictures adults never could.