Monday, January 10, 2005

Lucy Crawls!

My daughter, Lucy, crawled successfully for the first time as she turned nine months old. She is very pleased with herself. Now, if she could just get those teeth to poke through. I don't think it will be long until she walks, either. She seems to be just as desirous of independence as her older sister was.

In the face of all of her breakthroughs, Lucy has been having difficulty sleeping, and therefore, so have Shawn and I. Last week was hell; my first week back to work, Shawn's first week back in the grind with the kids and Grandma tied up with her sister's recovery from surgery. Fortunately, we got a break and got to go to the movies yesterday. Meet the Fockers was terrific and Barbara Streisand was Fabulous.

Oh, yeah, I'm going to start graduate school in the Fall. Wish me luck.