Monday, February 28, 2005

Lenten Special

It was my committment this Lent to write everyday and walk everyday. As you can probably tell from the date on this entry, I've not kept up with the writing part. Truth be told, I haven't done the walking thing either. Well, I walk everyday, but I don't walk any extra. I was hoping to get some time to think and work things out in my head; alas I haven't had much time.

I started to beat myself up about it, but then I remembered the sermon I received on Ash Wednesday where in the priest talked about forgiving ourselves. She was right. So, I've just decided to write when I can and walk when I get the chance.

This kind of reminds me of a line from Joan of Arcadia: "Thinking you're the worst person in the world is no different than thinking you're the best. It's giving yourself a place in the universe you haven't earned." I'd like to pass this message on to a friend of mine who is going through quite a nasty patch. The quote doesn't directly apply, though. Sometimes, she talks about herself negatively and it makes me feel like she wants me to contradict her. But this constant need for praise and confirmation externally is wearing me down.

I try to react honestly, but I feel like she's pumping me for self-esteem, and it really wears me out. I don't know what to do. It's icky and I don't really want to do anything about it except close myself off. That's not really possible at this point, though. I guess I'll tolerate it until I can think of something better to do. I totally didn't know what I was going to write when I started this entry. One of the great things about journaling is that it really helps me sort out what's going on in my head without a lot of effort. I really should do this everyday...

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Whiz Kid

Well, we've finally done it: Princess Greenpearl, Jr. is, for all intents and purpose, potty trained. Phew. What an interesting experience. At first it was very intimidating because any book that you pick up on potty training suggests that this is your first real opportunity to do lasting psychological damage to your child. Most books also recommed dealing with any potty training issues you as a parent might have. WTF? If you're not careful, potty training can become this insurmountable task even before you begin.

Fortunately, I put aside the parenting books, as usual, and relied upon good old instinct and common sense. We were pretty much snowed in and broke last weekend so we had plenty of time to try some of the potty training techniques. I made a potty training chart and we handed out stars for successful trips to the potty chair. Now she's a pro. Next step: transitioning to a big-girl bed and dry nights.

The Little One is now teething, though, and is very miserable, unless medicated. Ordinarily she is a very pleasant and happy baby, but cutting teeth really turns her crank. Thank heaven for baby Tylenol and Ora-gel. She is also pulling herself up standing and crawling over things like a little tank. And she is cute, cute, cute. Can't wait until she talks.