Monday, October 25, 2004

David Sedaris Has Saved this Blog

Last night I went with my husband to see David Sedaris speak. If you haven't heard of him, he's an author of memoirs, mostly, and essays about his family and his life. He is very funny and sometimes tragic. I had an opportunity to speak as he signed our book. Here is our conversation to the best of my recollection:

Me: Hi! It's our anniversary.
DS: Oh, really, which one?
Me: Our 7th.
DS: You seem so young. Do you have kids?
Me: Yes, two.
DS: Who is with them now?
Me: My aunt and uncle. My parents usally watch them but they had the nerve to go on vacation on our anniversary.
DS: Those bastards! we laughed
Me: I wanted you to know that your books have helped my husband and me get through some pretty tough deaths and funerals in our family. In fact, your stories gave me the courage to write and deliver my grandpa's eulogy...and I got laughs!
DS: It's so important to laugh at funerals. I delivered my mom's eulogy and people need to have some entertainment at times like that. Do you have trouble speaking in front of groups of people?
Me: No, I do it for my job.
DS: (reaches into a stack of papers) Here is a picture from a medical textbook of toungue disorders (he signs it to me and my husband). It's for your fridge.
Me: Thank you very much.

And then we walked away. I was kind of weak in the knees and a bit star struck. I almost didn't stick around to meet him but we still had time on our babysitter meter, so I stayed in line. I am so glad I did. He is one of my favorite authors and his books really help me find the light in the darkness. That sounds corny, I know. But if you have ever experienced a fit of uncontrollable laughter during a tragic event in your life, then you know what I mean.

I find after reading his work, my perspective has changed about the people in my family and in my life. Their oddities and idiosyncracies and even annoying behavior are what make them miraculous and special. They may be a hutch full of nuts, but their my nuts and I love them no matter what.

Thank you, David Sedaris, for the best anniversary present ever.