Monday, January 08, 2007

It's Better To Look Good Than To Feel Good, Dahling!

For the sake of all that is holy and fashionable, I will need to continue to tinker with the look of my blog. After my good friend, Terry pointed out that the new color scheme was a Glamour Don't, I figured my redecorating job was incomplete.

So, please, pardon my dust, as I attempt to make this place the awesomest and fiercest blog on the block.


  1. I'm a huge fan of the color blue. I hope you find a look that works for you.

  2. I like that I never know now what this blog will look like. Keep us guessing!

  3. Phil: Hee! Blue Phase...

    Chris: Maybe I'll keep you guessing...maybe I won't!

    Dirty: I like blue too.

    I just wish stupid blogger had more template choices so I can distinguish my blog without having to spend any money. ;-p

  4. Yes, keep changing it. Make your blog a real diva.