Friday, January 05, 2007

Revised 2007 New Year's Resolutions

Well, not snoozing didn't work for me. I snoozed yesterday and I snoozed today. I'm going to keep trying to quit, though. After all it will be a new week soon. However, I thought I'd better find some other resolutions where the bar is a bit lower. Here are my aspirations for the year 2007:
  1. Cease dotting my i's with hearts and/or stars.

  2. Stop quoting from Joel Olsteen's book, You're Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living to Your Full Potential to all my friends and random strangers.

  3. Start watching Full House religiously.

  4. Shop for teddy bear sweatshirts to wear on casual Fridays.

  5. Stop tucking in my sweaters.

  6. Contemplate helping those less fortunate than I am.

  7. Stop saying "yup."

  8. Reread all of the Garfield cartoon strips from the beginning.

  9. Monitor all of Mel Gibson's activities

  10. Defeat Guitar Hero II on the "Hard" setting.


  1. I'm with you on the Garfield strips!! I'm making my way through the collected Peanuts strips: i'm up to volume 3, which I think begins in 1956??

    I'm gonna have to make a res or 2 myself. I think *I'll* stop tucking in MY sweaters, too!!

  2. I will join you with #'s 1, 3, 6 & 7

  3. My kids can help you with #'s 3 and 8. My stepdaughter watches Full House every single day. She also has the DVD sets of the first four seasons. My son loves Garfield. One time, on a long drive, I was trapped as he read me every single Garfield comic in a book of Garfield comics.

  4. If you start watching Full House religiously, how will you have time for Simon and Simon?

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  6. oh, Lord. I used to think you were so cool....

    And I see the lack of support from your rotten friends has caused you to give up on the snooze problem and stay among us lowly sleep-lovers.

    I think the Garfield strips are a fantastic idea, but please don't watch Full House! It's only because I want what's best for you and I don't want to see you get mixed up in the wrong crowd...

  7. Ack! Full House? That show is soul-killing! Now, Saved By The Bell, there's a show with some HEART!

  8. Big Orange: Thank you for joining the fight against sweater tuckage.

    Dirty: Together we can succeed!

    Johnny Yen: I love Full House. Garfield, not so much. I feel your pain.

    Elizabeth: Three letters: DVR

    Genn6: I'm still cool! I purposely set these resolutions because they are something I am already doing/not doing or something I would never do. I know I always break a few resolutions. As far as snoozing goes, I haven't given up yet.

    Grant Miller: Thank you!

    Chris: You know I understand the magic that is Saved By The Bell. I think I have room enough in my soul for both. Besides, there's always Drake & Josh!

  9. This list is so very Jean Teasdale! :)