Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Comparative Literature: Breaking Bad and 19 Kids and Counting

I like having two shows going at the same time on Netflix. Right now, it's Breaking Bad and 19 Kids and Counting. I've been struck by the commonalities of both shows:

  • Both portray American families and their struggles and how they problem solve, e.g. both the Whites and the Duggars hold family meetings to address issues
  • Michelle Duggar teaches a class of around 20 students and so does Mr. White
  • Both sets of parents try to protect their respective families from harm and influence from the outside world
  • They are all nerdy
  • The health of one parent is the focus of the show and the family (pregnancy for Michelle and lung cancer for Walt Sr)
  • Both families drive used cars
  • Both families leverage what they have for the most possible gain
I could probably go on. I love both of the shows equally, after being equally squicked out by both at first. And I love the idea of one of those worlds bleeding together in my imagination (literally). 

Monday, August 05, 2013

Meetings: A Poem

I snuggle under your blanket of words,
Made drowsy by its weight, its volume.
My eyes fight the light
As you tuck me in, phrase by prepositional phrase.

Murmurs on the edges lull me
And I drift into my doodled abstractions,
Absorbed by patterns and angles
Until you snick closed the slide show
And open Windows.

I take my leave and find coffee.